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About Me

Who is Confuzion?

I use to do music and live shows from the early 2000's to my last show in 2012. Afterwards i focused on art for a little while until i became a homeowner and have focused on relaxing at home these days playing video games and such.


My first show was in 2005 with Marz formerly of the band ministry. From 2005-2012 i did shows with Psychopathic Records and many others including members of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Hed Pe, Critical Bill, T.Mills, Tech N9ne, Murs, Vanilla Ice, ill Bill, Sean Price, Paul Wall, D12, Project Born, Esham and more!

The website change

A little over a year ago i decided to not use the website anymore and let it expire since i was not making music anymore. Unfortunately afterwards some place in china bought my website name thinking i "accidently" let it expire. They then tried to sell it back to me for a few thousand dollars and i threatened a lawsuit. I finally got the website back.

There wont be much updates or info posted since i dont do music anymore, but who knows what the future holds.

Peace out!

Maybe i'll add something, Maybe i wont.

If you want to follow me on facebook, or your a old friend trying to get back in contact with me. the official link is

But i don't update that very often either

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